Saturday, July 30, 2011


She was such a trooper today. A 9 AM photo shoot that lasted almost an hour and a half. Then hang out and fall asleep in the sling on mommy while mommy made a picnic lunch to take to the clubhouse. Then off to Lake Natoma so daddy and Drew could go kayaking...which lasted a whopping fifteen minutes. So we went to Costco in Folsom. Then to an awesome Indian dinner during which she started melting down. And a quick drop in to pick up cupcakes on the way home. She cried all the way home. I got her calmed down all the way and then nursed her and put her in bed. She chatted to herself and crashed within minutes, no fuss.

She deserves a jammer day tomorrow. Because mommy starts work on Monday...

Friday, July 29, 2011

No nap, Mommy.

I just want to play.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

100 DAYS!!!

On July 17th, Katie turned 100 days old. In Korea, this is a big deal and is cause for celebration. We took her down to Berkeley for the weekend. I thought I took more photos, but in the end, Katie had a slightly difficult afternoon as it was hard for her to nap with all the excitement.

Here she is before the festivities.

Our friend Mary came over early to get in some baby time.

Here she is with Grandpa Gary, hanging out while mom and I were cooking up a storm.

A traditional aspect of the event is the rice cake, dduk. This one was special ordered by my mom and was delish.

At the party, a bunch of people held Katie. Somehow, I only got a few shots. Here's Josh with her.

And our family friends, Walter and Vera.

As always, my aunt couldn't resist Katie and spent as much time with her as she could.

And here she is with halmoni (my mom).

There was quite a spread of food - this was just part of it!

Eco Station

I talked some friends into going to Eco Station in Rocklin with us. We made an afternoon of it and packed a picnic lunch and played at a nearby playground, then did the tour. Eco Station is an exotic animal rescue that has a surprising variety of animals. The kids got to hold some of them and touch a few. A neat place.

Here are Aidan and Kai, holding a snake. Drew opted out of this one.

A few of the animals.

This one is named Stumpy. You can kind of see why.

Stumpy was once at a pet store. They weren't so good at feeding the animals regularly, so when they finally fed Stumpy and his friends, there was a big riot and Stumpy was injured. His leg was ultimately amputated by a vet, but he has a cushy life, now, at Eco Station.

Polo romper cuteness

Katie acquired a Polo romper and finally wore it one day. I thought it was super cute and took a bunch of pictures while she was sitting in the bouncy chair. In retrospect, this is a bit much pink, but she's adorable, so it's all good.

After 4th of July

On July 5, after a night of sleeping through the neighborhood fireworks extravaganza, Katie had a great sleep day.

Here she is, napping.

After the nap, Drew wanted to take pictures, so we took a few.

And then he wanted to take one, so here I am. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Not quite what he expected adult sized boucy chair.

The drooler


Aimee has claimed the new pack & play.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


My mom had a barrette around and attempted to tame the mohawk.

The verdict is in

He likes the ice cream

Drew's self portrait