Friday, November 30, 2007

Lazy dinner

In-n-out is one of the best parts of living in California

New book

The dr gave him some reading material

Stripping at the doctor's

He got 2 shots and handled it like a man

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Seeing double

Amy operates two computers at once from the comfort of the living room couch. I'll keep this handy for the next time i'm accused of crimes of nerdiness.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Touching fuzzies

Shopping carts ride alone

This target has an escalater for shopping carts. Too cool!

Little chef

He's helping Yon Soon cook today.

Black Friday is for suckers

Today was my first try at a Black Friday experience. I woke up at 4.45 to head down to the Emeryville Best Buy (I assume this is where the Pixar guys get their tech supplies) to participate in the festivities. On arrival at 5.06, I was turned away at the parking lot, as it was already full, and had to park in a nearby parking lot. I watched a line of campers as they filed into the store as I walked up to the door.

As I approached the store, the outside of the building looked like an abandoned shanty town. It was littered with garbage, both solid and liquid, and it smelled horrible. When I was on my way in, I heard people mention that they'd been in line since 2am. My ambitions weren't to get the doorbuster deals, I only wanted to get a few items and be on my way. I wasn't prepared for what waited inside the store.

I grabbed a shopping cart and headed inside. What a madhouse. I'd never seen a store so crowded before. It took about 20 minutes to just get the few items I wanted, those that were still in stock, at least. Half of what I wanted was sold out by the time I'd even found it. And pushing my way through the crowds was a terrible experience. I clipped a few ankles with my cart, and my legs were bruised up from other crazy shoppers and their over agressive carts. Several people were pushing enormous boxes containing 42" TV's around the store, others had armloads full of discounted DVD's.

It took a while to find the checkout line, of which there were two, one for people that had "ticket" items (for those first in line that got a few of the rare doorbuster items) and a standard line for the rest of the dregs. I finally found the end of the normal line, marked by an employee holding a bundle of helium filled blue balloons. The line took about 15 minutes to navigate, which we were herded through cattle-style, and given ample opportunity to purchase marked-up DVD's and cables, which were certainly meant to offset the minor losses the store incurred by selling a few items at a loss.

I managed to get out of the store in about 50 minutes, which was a minor miracle compared to how long I was dreading waiting to check out. It wasn't yet 6am, and the sky was just starting to lighten. Since I'd missed out on a few items I wanted to get at the best buy, I checked the officemax next door, and was able to calmly walk through the store, and everything I wanted was in stock. What a relief. The line was only about 15 people long, a refreshing experience after the 100+ person line I went through at best buy.

I'd have to say the overall experience was horrible, and I don't want to do it again, nor would I recommend it to anyone else. Next year, I just want to do all my deal finding online, sleep in, and never remember the crowd battling experience I went through this morning.

Sorry there's no picture.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Climbing santa

I'm one of those types that can't stand seeing xmas stuff out before thanksgiving, but Drew thoroughly enjoys it. It wasn't easy ripping him away from this marvel of the holidays.

The rat book

Bedtime story

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Warning barricade

Guess we won't be swimming today

Oil fence

Keeping the nasties from collecting on the rocks

Fire boat

Amy had never seen one before, so i snapped a picture.

Riding the anchor

The bay

View from our table

Having lunch

It was a really nice place in Tiburon. We ate a fraction of what we were served.


Cool fountain. Drew and i splashed around in it.

Aaron kind of rocks

He's got the guitar, but how hard can you rock out while reclining in a chair with your feet up?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oakland hills

Emeryville was cold and foggy, but it was nice and sunny out here.


Just passing through

Sound asleep

After another hard day

Costco gas

What a mess. Never again!

Ubuntu, baby

Showing off Compiz running on Gutsy Gibbon on the living room tv

The apple wannabe

The living room media pc

Two routers?

The third component of Project Nerd. Now i can have both a mixed and pure G network.

Storage tower

Over a terabyte of external storage. The sad thing is that they make single drives this big.

3 monitors on one computer

Nvidia never gave me more than a bunch of blue screens, but ATI cards worked out great. Go Canada!

Hard Rockin'

He was fascinated by the giant guitar

Turkey hat

He made it at school

Smuggling turtle

Getting ready for ms Wendi's

Reading in bed

Shasta again

Mt Shasta

On the way to Oregon

Smiley Drew

Candy tongue

I wonder how much dye goes into this stuff

Sitting on Daddy's car

A successful haul

He was very pleased with how things went tonight

Trick or treating

He helped Allie get candy

The full costume

Ms Pastel painted his face for the rest of the costume

Shooting web

Halloween morning

Monday, November 12, 2007

Yeah, yeah, yeah

So I've been lazy. And I haven't posted in quite a while now. I'll get back into it again, okay?

Maybe if more people commented, I'd feel like I had more of an audience to serve!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Drew solo's

We didn't catch the kicks on camera.