Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break

We went to Shell Beach for Drew's Spring Break. Jotham's parents built a fabulous house near the beach and we accepted their hospitality for a few nights to enjoy the sea air. It turned out to be a bit cold, so we didn't spend much time at the beach. Drew insisted on some sand time, so he and I went down when Katie and Rich were napping and spent an hour as the tide was going out. On the way home, we stopped at CalPoly San Luis Obispo, where Rich showed Drew the important buildings on campus. Like the school of engineering.

We went to a petting zoo where the kids had fun feeding the animals.

Walking with Joanna.

Checking out the llamas - Katie's not so such a fan.

 And then to the beach, where Katie got her fill of the slide.

We relived our Spring Break 2012 and went to Morro Bay. We hung out near the rock, where Rich and the kids fed the squirrels that live in the rocks.

We saw a great blue heron near the rock.

And a bright starfish.

We saw the sea otters in the harbor. It was like a little chase - trying to figure out where they were hanging out.

The day at SLO was warm and bright. Of course, it was on our way home.

Imagine this shot in another nine years, when Drew starts college and Katie is ten.

She was fascinated by the parking meter. I think she wanted to dance with it.

Back at home...