Monday, August 31, 2009

Napping, after a long morning...

...purring and getting between me and my laptop, nipping at my ankles, and jumping up and down from the back of my chair. It was exhausting.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

America's Test Kitchen's youngest...

...test chef, trying out the brownie batter. It was a test recipe destined for Cook's Illustrated.

He's outraged by the Fed?

Drew discovers water projectile devices

Long day partying.

Crawling up the walls, literally.


After a stressful day of cleaning and yard work and being freaked out by the vacuum, Rich and Aimee take a much deserved nap.

Rich and his red beer

The breakfast of champions. Accompanied by a biscuit and gravy, of course!

I suppose if you own one...

that you should drive it for even the most mundane errands, including a grocery run. It did look a little odd, though, and it didn't fit in my viewfinder except diagonally.

(Rich) I normally leave people alone, but along with having a fancy car, this guy parked in a freshly painted handicapped spot. On the way into the store, I checked his rearview mirror and license plate for a placard, and there was none. On my way out of the store, this guy was carrying a bag of groceries back to his car, putting them into the trunk. I asked him if he knew it was a handicapped spot, a rhetorical question. He responded that since there was no placard in the spot, it most certainly was not a handicapped spot.

I hope someone else slashes his tires. I'm not hating, it was a beautiful car, but it's not a license to do what you like.

Red beer

Much better than that crap they sell in a can.


Amy's cousin left Drew a message.

A round meal

Pizza and hot dog dinner.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guess what?

Chicken privates.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bad kitty

Here she is hanging from the blinds. She hung there so long I had a chance to look for my phone and shoot the picture.


Several soldiers from Afghanistan were on my flight. There were a lot of people waiting to welcome them back.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kitty in the window

When we leave in the morning, the kitty runs up the stairs, through the den into our bedroom and up in the window where she perches, watching us drive away. The white blur in the top left window is the kitty. She is always so sad when we leave.

Waiting for class

Amy took Drew to class yesterday, it was my turn today. He was happier than he looks in the picture. I was teaching him to introduce himself to the other students in line, but they were even more shy than he was about it.
The most entertaining part about waiting in line was another kid. When the school principal walked by to say hi to some of the kids and parents, the kid looked at his dad and said "Dad is that the president?".

From the mouth of Drew

Dad, why is that horse sniffing the other horse's butt?

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Soccer Practice!

It was an eventful day!

Drew and Daddy getting the balls out for practice.

Pesky runaway balls...

Coach Rich, addressing the team (and the parents).

A get to know each other game.

Cat in the Colander

She likes being up on the kitchen counter, much to our dismay. And apparently she likes the colander. Sigh.

Hanging out waiting for the teacher to talk to and dismiss the parents...

The kids ended up sitting on this mat, waiting while the teacher spent an HOUR talking to the parents. It was useful, but the kids were super restless by the end of that hour.

Signing in on the First Day

Maybe the teacher will do one on the last day, too.

First Day of School

Drew...all dressed up and ready to roll. I love uniforms. The kids were adorable in all their white and khaki. (They can wear other colors, too, but most kids had white and khaki.)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


The hobby store sells a train covered in graffiti.

Thursday, August 6, 2009